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Been away from my art tablet for a little because I am very busy writing a new story. Also I am back on the road again managing my mobile caricature art operation. I do have some illustration projects in mind that I will get started on soon enough, but presently my biggest concern is moving along with this new #horror story. It is inspired by a #nightmare I had a few years ago about a mysterious alien entity that crosses into our world, manifesting beneath this poor unsuspecting family’s house. Never could quite get it out of my head because it was so haunting and vivid. So finally, like a possession, I decided to put this idea to paper. The result so far is some of the scariest material I have ever come up with. The story is a visceral experience that will explore each character’s inner struggle dealing with this unknown presence that is actively invading their minds, hijacking their thoughts, their memories, and their worst fears to serve whatever end-goal it is truly after. But the piece is also an allegory of the many trials and tribulations that comes with being human in a world gone to rot. I can’t wait to share more with time!

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