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ISCA 2022

So this year I finally decided to try out the big North American #caricature art convention called The International Society of Caricature Art, or ISCA for short. It was held at Orlando Florida, which is a hotspot For many artists in this particular industry. I went as a sponsor and competitor to show my support for the organization. It was meant as both a pursuit for education, research, and to get humbled by some of the greatest artists in the industry. Here I got to see some of the best cartoon depictions of our fellow patrons from all around the world. It was an important experience that re-energized me as a professional caricature artist who has since become a bit stultified by the routine of industrial retail work. But now I’m inspired again. I feel reborn and ready to expand my horizon. Here are some pictures from the event.

My wall and art on the left, artist Herve’ Leveillee on right.

A few patrons enjoying the art. And some of Jorge Luis Torrealba’s 3D designs.

A couple of 3D heads made by a wonderful artist that unfortunately I forgot to record her name.

Heather Prdoctor’s amazingly colorful figures.

Some of the best digital caricatures I have ever seen by artist Carlos Fuenmayor.

#caricatures #art #cartoon #isca #fun #travel

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