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Master Filth custom D&D Mini

So I collaborated with my friend and fellow musical Artist Filth of 7th Layer to design my first demo of a custom #dungeonsanddragons #D&D miniature. My idea was to create tabletop pieces for players with their in-game characteristics and their likeness on the model. It turned out better than I had anticipated as it became my cleanest print thus far. Now, I did have to make the thing at least three inches so that you could see all the tiny details but a playable model is always an option, but one inch is just too small for the first run. I asked Filth to give me a list of features to add including his in-game role, armor, and special abilities so that I can try to put it all in a pot to cook up my imagination. Currently he is playing as the Dungeon Master, So I had him pointing as a way to direct the action. He has light armor, and a morning star with a game controller for the business end per request. Hope you all like my model! Enjoy!

#rpg #tabletop #gamer #3Dprinting #zbrush #art

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