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A new era begins...


When I was a boy I didn't just play with my action figures and toys, I made adventures. My little room was turned into a universe, and I was swept away by it. There were good guys, there were bad guys, there were twists and elaborate story arcs. I knew then that I wanted to be a story teller. But I've always had a taste for the more darker tales growing up, and so that's what I wrote. I'm just a bard with a dirty imagination.

I live my life in solitude mostly. I do get out more than most, though. I work in the carnival circuit running a caricature art business. I meet people from all walks of life, I hear their stories, and some of that interaction is filtered into my bizarre works. Before all of that however, I used to draw these skeleton demon monsters, and they would often scare my peers. Everyone thought there was something wrong with me. And they were probably right, but that's how being an artist goes. Well, that interest has only evolved for me. I love monsters. I love to design them and write their back stories. If they breathe fire, I want to know why, and that question usually transforms into an entire, wild journey in another world that exists in my mind.

This is my new artist/author's site. Here I will be sharing some original works of fiction and illustrations on the darker side of my craft. I would also like to share with you my stories of science fiction, horror, and fantasy inspired by the art. Its a place where my monsters, bad-guys and demons can play. I recently began experimenting with horror-themed caricatures which I will be drawing live at Cons and special events; pictures from those engagements and the drawings I created there will be shared here. My digital cartoons, pinups, and creature drawings are something of a spectacle to witness, this will be my gallery for those as well. Basically, Morbid ToyBox is where I go when its time to step out of the conventional and explore the fathoms far beyond the shadows.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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