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2021 Cons!

This winter was a blast. Got to do two horror cons one in New Jersey, the other in Brooklyn Ny, and I did my first comic con in Pittsburg PA. Met some celebrities that were awesome as hell such as Dana DeLorenzo who played Kelly in Ash vs Evil Dead, the new Hellraiser Pinhead guy, and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. The first show in brooklyn was in a vacant, drafty, dusty storage room on the top of a high rise near the Navy Shipping Docs. It was cold and kind of a dull affair, but I still had a blast. And there was an amazing view of the city right behind me, I felt like a villain In his office. The second in New Jersey was much more what you would expect from a horror con. There were tons of celebs, and a ton of great cosplays. The comic con in PA was the biggest event. That one had the front man from Slipknot, Peter Weller from robocop, a couple cats from The Office, the wrestler Kane, and the guy that was always pestering Frodo about being hungry and crying about Gollum in Lord of the Rings. It was a fun adventure. Here are some photos from those past events.

Author cosplaying as his own original character.

Rey costume with rolling BB-8 that went with her as she walked. That was neat. You know the rest of the cast.

Girl Cloud.

FF7 Cloud, and Tifa

Anakin, Wonder Woman, and Loki.

The best poison ivy cosplay of the show.

Great Aliens cosplay… oh and my nephew chilln in the back.

Corey Taylor signed my Slipknot Caricature.

Close up of my stickers.

Doing a space Jig with a Mandalorian.

These fantasy warriors had dragons on their shoulders that really moved. It was awesome!

Pyramid Head, Pittsburg

Pyramid Head New Jersey. Didn’t know Silent Hill was still a thing.

Face off mortal Kombat style with a fox!

Some of my stickers and merch.

Decapitated by The Witcher and his demon dog.

Zombie couple!

Had Pinhead sign my drawing on IPad.

Cutting it up with Paul T Taylor about the new new Pinhead coming up after him. Long story.

Couple of my original shirts.

Back to the Future Delorean

My set up in Jersey.

Ash giving my evil ass the business with the necronomicon.

Hanging with Kelly Maxwell

Who you gonna call?

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