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This is my latest illustration of my original character and #pinup, D. She will be appearing prominently in my upcoming #sciencefiction #horror #thriller #ParaVice which is currently a work in progress. I used several references to create her pose and her facial features, but this is what she looks like in my head. Probably one of the most colorful and difficult designs I have done in a while with all of her #rockstar features. D is quite a boisterous character as you will come to discover if you continue to follow my work, and I was trying to capture that detail in this piece. I can't get into too much about her features without spoiling her story, so I'll shut up before I get too ahead of myself. The background will be changed later as I have big BIG plans for this drawing. This is only one part of a bigger project. To be continued.

Until then, enjoy! And have a Sexy Halloween!

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