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Well, I finally finished sculpting my model inspired by the ultimate RPG of 1997 #FinalFantasy7 featuring my adaptation of the hero SOLDIER #cloudstrife. This was of course how I decided to run a crash course through #Zbrush , before this model and my T.Rex I’ve never before done #3dmodeling so it wasn’t achieved without some anguish. YouTube vids helped me along where they could, but every new challenge such as making the eyes, the hair, and gear, and even finishing up with text and color was quite an uphill battle. But I done did that and now it’s time for another. Next piece will most likely be an original character, but I have yet to decide. All I know is that Zbrush was my time machine to get me through this terrifying year. Hopefully the world won’t fall apart before I get really creative. #art #anime #toys

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