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Muerte The Sphinx

A dark tempest is rolling over the heavens like a great banner of darkness. The spine-tingling cry of The Sphinx echoes across the valleys of the mind. Our past regrets and sins feed her savage army of shadows. She is death. She is pain. She is the raging fires of passion, and the smoldering fields of ash left behind in her wake. She is who we are at our worst, at our lowest. The war we must all face in the end. She is Muerte.

The malicious antagonist in one of my earlier short stories titled Janisa, Muerte The Sphinx is designed to embody all the things that have led the lead character of the story on a strange and treacherous past to save what is most important in her universe. But to do so, she must sacrifice all of the things that have been plaguing her very existence, from toxic delicacies, to misguiding temptations she must decide once and for all will she choose war or will she lay down her life for love instead.

I created this character in 2010. Mixed media, hand drawn with graphite, and then colored on Adobe Photoshop.

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