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Oliver Spitts Art

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Been working a lot with a local legend out of Lock Haven PA. Oliver Spitts is a hip hop artist who caught me drawing caricatures as promotion for one of my good friends who was also there to perform that night. Since then he has commissioned me to put together some cartoon illustrations to promote his recent shows. Working with him I learned real fast how to draw some pretty heady weed plants. But the dude has a solid vision, he knows what he wants, and he gives coherent instructions. All of them were his ideas, and I’m grateful to have the chance to be a part of them cause they were really fun to draw. Some were mixed media (hand drawn and colored on computer) most were created directly on my tablet. I have kinda fallen in love with digital art lately and that’s how I do most of my studio art these days. Here is what we made so far.

Hand drawn and colored on photoshop the old archaic way with my lap top and a touch pad mouse.

My first illustration on an #apple #ipad with the Apple Pencil: an incredible device.

this one was a duo concert And tour. They wanted it to look the cartoon show Doug. I used a #wacom tablet for this one.

Their Christmas show and I had the honor to join them for this event. Drew #caricatures and had this surreal moment where I got to see people wearing my art on shirts. Good ol Uncle Alberts with live music, beer, and wings. Good times!

Artwork I did for his Valentines Day single “Give me Your Love!” Now available on iTunes.

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