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Pandemic Academy

Updated: May 21, 2020

Took it upon myself to start learning a new #art form while I’m here stuck in my house during this godforsaken #pandemic experiment. When you got YouTube, who needs college?! Especially when you got all the damn time in the world now. I won’t get in to all my Controversial views on these draconian #stayathome orders here in America. Instead of all that depressing nonsense, I’ll tell you about my new and exciting progress in #3D #3Dsculpting with #zbrush its been a blast learning a new technique like this. I figured I’m going to be locked away for an unseeable future anyway so I might as well use up that time on something #fun

My ultimate goal is to create figures and sculptures of my characters, but for now it’s all practice. I’m gonna start on hands next, then I want to play with the zsphere thing so I can make the dynamic poses I so very much like to #draw

My first sculpt, (once I got down the basics of the program) started out as a way to take my mind off a very frustrating, failed attempt at home improvement. Brought up a ball of clay, and made whatever was in my head. First I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger, then that transformed into the white orc from the #hobbit And my Finished bust turned out okay, giving me more confidence for future projects.

Not yet finished with Rexy yet, but I started him as a simple childhood urge to need to create a #dinosaur more progress coming soon.

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