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Slipknot caricature

Been listening to the rock band #slipknot since high school. One of the coolest moments in my music nerd days was when I found out that rapper Tech N9ne (who I have also been listening to for many years) was a metal head and loved Slipkno. and then he got to do a song with the legend Corey Taylor. since then i saw the band live on stage, and got to meet Corey taylor in life. It blew my mind. Last year I was asked to do a cartoon of the band and I struggled with the request because the band has changed their image multiple times, which is why they were so unique as a masked act. But then, threw on some albums and I just let the marker do it’s thing. Here is my #cartoon #caricature of an iconic #rock band that changed the game and will live on as one of the best acts in head-bang, mosh pit history.

here is my #drawing

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