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Strife and Resolve

2020 fucking sucks!

I won’t candy coat it. This year is the worst, most financially devastating year of my Professional life. I watched my once nascent business fall to shambles as all of my avenues for income closed on me one after the next, and the world grew sicker and sicker. I spent 2 months watching the country meltdown with panic, conspiracy, and soul-crushing fatality. I saw New York City, the love of my life, load up tractor trailers with unfortunate souls fallen by the disease, and saw brother turn against brother when this disgusting asshole decided to abuse the power of The Badge to kill a man on national television Like he was some untouchable judicator of life and death. Then the cities started to burn. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was running broke and hopeless. I needed something to do to get my mind off it.

I discovered 3D modeling. Took my “pandemic money” signed by Trump, and I bought me some #zbrush thanks for the handout, Dr. Government.

After sculpting the head of a Rex one night I knew I could push it forward. I became obsessed. Now I’m studying anatomy, and learning all the tricks of the trade to get me moving on with my first full body character. I decided to illustrate one of my favorite video game heroes of all time: #cloudstrife from #finalfantasy7

when I was a kid that game changed my creative life. It was the first video game I played at that time where I learned that story was important. And as my first full model it has been nothing but blissful nostalgia. A time machine to a simpler age in my life. An escape from the apocalypse. so here it is so far. I’ll be adding more soon. I plan to 3D print and paint as well. Stay safe out there. Stay sane. Find something you can love to busy your mind. You possess the key to a better world with imagination. Don’t get drunk on the madness.

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