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Witching Hour

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween! My latest model took about a week to complete. She is my most detailed 3D model yet. My Lovely Witch is inspired by the incredibly talented cosplay model and artist Jessica Nigri, probably one of the most vivacious and entertaining women in the business. Now I say “inspired“ cause I took some creative liberties in designing the character as to add a little of my own style to her outfit. I wanted to give her that cartoony flare that I love so much, so I made her hair to imitate the old cgi cartoons I used to enjoy as a kid. Learning to make the lace was a first, and a challenge, but nothing a few YouTube videos could not guide me through. I used the same tool that I did for her hair to shape the eyelashes as well. This project was the first I’ve done so far without the end goal of 3D printing so I went all out on the tiny details. I had a blast making this one. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope you have a fantastic #halloween however you choose to celebrate this year. Stay safe out there... eat lots of candy and cast lots of spells.

Here is the turntable video of my model.

Without color...

choker and jewel charm. Close up of the lace. notice the pentagrams.

More lace and pentagrams.

Draw string gloves. These were hard to design.

Close up of her face.

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