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Candy: Reveal

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Her true origin is shrouded by mystery. But those very few that know her, they know she has a sweet tooth.

That was how they found her of course. In the sugar cane fields of the New World, there she was, skulking beneath the crops. Attracted to the sweet stalks, she stumbled upon a family sick with sin, and observed them quietly.

Now she was in plain sight. There was no need to hide anymore, not after what she has done. She was before her victims naked, bruised, and striped from head to toe in fresh, hot blood. But it was not her blood, however. She killed more than she had meant to that night. The boy became her friend, he was an innocent... but he fell into terrible trouble. She only wanted to taste their crops while the farmer slept. But he was a cruel soul. Not so bad as his wife was though. That one took the boy as her slave when her husband was indisposed. She forced herself on the poor creature in the sugar cane fields. Candy saw them. She watched with horror, with sick fascination. Though that was before she had that name. Then, she had no name. No family, no friends. But she liked the boy. He was pure. He was innocuous. He did not deserve to die. However, it is a bitter irony that made fate just as cruel as the prey Her kind salivated for.

Candy did not understand her hunger at first. She hated it. She tried to keep it at bay by foraging for sweets. For a time it worked. But time always runs out.

Bassy and her kin discovered her through folk lure and legends from brave men that went to the new world for riches. They came back despoiled, yet rich only with stories. Bassy knew from those curious tales that she was real. Another sister, scattered and lost by the relentless wars of man. Wars that ripped their family apart like the way the gods so violently moved the continents and the seas and the mountains with time. But finally, Bassy found her, their wayward sister.

The boy was struck down by his master: a crime of passion. But the devious woman who sowed his demise was gone. All that remained of that one was a twisted hand. It still gripped the knife she tried to use against Candy. Her sisters were impervious to man’s feeble weaponry. They could do no harm to Candy. There was nothing more of the farmer/the master. They had tried to stone her. Candy prayed for them to stop. When that did not work they tried to burn her. That’s when the teeth came out. That was the end of it.

Bassy came on to the land just after she had finished them. She was huddled by the burning pyre the ill fated family meant to destroy her in. She was hugging her knees and crying.

You see, in those times so long ago Candy did not know her purpose. She hated her gifts. She thought she was a monster. But now she knows the truth. The humans are the monsters. And she is their reckoning. They are the disease, and she is the cure.

Bassy looked into those deep dark eyes and knew at once what her talent was. She made all that would look upon her love her, trust her. Her eyes trapped them.

This one will be useful, Bassy knew at once.

And that she was, very much so.

In the care of Bassy, she would soon learn how to harness her abilities, to rope in what they wanted, what they needed, both in desire and business. She can do it. Nobody says no to her. But when it was time to show her teeth again, her carnal instinct whispered to her, and it showed her just how to eat them all up like chocolate, like Candy.

Candy is my own original character originating from my #horror #sciencefiction #monster blog series #bassysbasilica and #paravice

I have a few chapters from the story featured here on my website if you'd like to check them out sometime. Here I was trying to recreate my first drawing of her in 3D. It was a lot of fun to redesign her gear. I wanted to add gravity to the character and her armor. The pose is meant to be sexy, and action packed at the same time. I want to make my audience look upon her and want to know what her story was. Here are some close up screenshots.

#3dmodeling #zbrush #pinup #gun

Freshly printed at 152mm in height. Just got to assemble, prime, and paint.

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