• Jeff Arce/Jarce ArtThor

Director Ortega

Original Character Reveal!

FBI Director Ortega will soon make her first appearance in my #paravice #bassysbasilica #horror series. Veteran, political activist, immigrant, decorated officer of Neuterra. A strong-spirited icon in my fictional world representing law and justice. She is praised by the #LGBTQ community and #equalrights movement because of her crucial role in transforming the rules/requirements regarding promotion in the superior institutions of authority, which before her ascent often dealt with discrimination against #gender, age, and in some rarer instances even race. Her story will be told in my Horror #monster blog series, ParaVice.

Keep on Reading the paranormal adventure in the coming weeks!

#illustration #cartoon #artwork created with my #wacom mobile studio Pro. and #adobephotoshop. #digitalart #drawing

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