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Scare-a-Con 2018

Looking back at my set up from last year's #horror convention. Here are some pictures of my set up there and some #zombie #caricatures

My first indoor set up. I'm used to working outside and using a concession tent, so this was me adjusting to a new environment.

Drew my friend as a doll to use for a short story I wrote about a doll coming undone.

Got to draw a Freddy fan. One of my favorite horror franchises is #freddykrueger of #wescraven #anightmareonelmstreet

She said #draw me as a #sexy #bloody #vampire I said #thelostboys

Had fun turning a baby into a zombie monster.

Even cute reference photos can be made #scary

I draw pets too!

That was fun! Can't wait for my next convention in #newyork

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