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Witches Never Die

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

So I had this larger-than-life epic idea about a pagan family living in secret amongst a paranoid community of villagers who were being ripped apart by the ethics of politics, religion, power, greed, and delusion during the time of the reformation. The plights of the world during this time didn’t quite seed the Witchcraze period, but exasperated it, and used it not only for political gain, but to excommunicate undesirables that were often blamed for the communities short comings, and famine. But the story ended up being too much to handle for me so I gave it up after five years of trying to make sense of it. Not to say I gave it up completely as I still plans to salvage some pieces from it for another project in the near future. But I mostly put the whole thing behind me. That said, some good did come out of it. I made some incredible traditionally drawn illustrations inspired by characters from that project. I’d like to share them here on my new website. Enjoy!

This one was my very first digital drawing using a small 3rd generation Apple IPad and a shit stylus.

Rest in piece Brigid.

#artwork #witch #pagan #fantasy #adventure

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